How We Roll

We follow your lead. You tell us what keeps you up at night and we find the blanket, a warm glass of milk and the perfect bedtime story.

Every single one of our clients has a unique set of needs, so therefore, our services and agreements are unique.

Have you ever heard the saying about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish? Well, we are teachers, my friend.

It’s YOUR business. We work for you.

Why TAT2 Marketing group?

Every good brand starts with a good story. And TAT2 is no different. We won’t spill all of the beans here, after all, we have a happy hour to schedule. But, here’s the gist:

Tattoos are cool. We have some.

“Make your mark” is one of our favorite sayings. You have to stand out and break through the clutter. TAT2 does that.

The TAT2 Crew believes that there is no reason to “over complicate the unnecessarily complicated” and that the best ideas happen over a cold brew (or a hot latte). We talk. We listen. We Act. Oh… and we laugh.

One of our clients said it best… “If you want to work with really smart people and laugh, too… call TAT2.”

The TAT2 Crew

The amount of creativity, experience, energy, passion and simple coolness of these people make us smile each day.

Tammy Vilaboy

Ink Master - Right Brain

It’s my passion. It’s my dream. It’s our company. Our team of “purple unicorns” deliver creativity, efficiency and results. I tackle things head on and draw energy from brand strategy and profitable bottom lines. Let’s have fun and sell stuff.

David Peterson

Ink Master - Left Brain

He’s a cool guy with an adorable family.  Dave has the amazing ability to bring analytics to life and ensure your business sees an ROI.  He enjoys talking about numbers, and makes you laugh while you learn.  That’s why we keep him around.

Gary Kelley

Tat2 Artist - Creative Ninja

The creative “fuel” behind TAT2 comes from a real life Ninja.  Yup.  We have unicorns AND ninjas.  (I told you we hang around some cool peeps!).  You may recognize his mug from his already successful company – Creative Ninjas.  We’re lucky to partner with Gary on bringing your vision to life!

Ready to rock and roll?

We are a creative, innovative, fun and dedicated team. Let’s get together!