Cool Kids.

The Schueler Group of Companies

Design Services | Google Ads Management | Marketing Consultation | Website Development

They are one team to build your future.

Strategy.  Efficiency.   Transparency.  These are the guiding principals of our partnership and have helped us foster a collaborative partnership that yields results… and laughs!  Our relationship started with the creation of a new website design and structure.  It quickly evolved into more and our teams mesh perfectly.  In true TAT2 fashion, we have targeted the right audience and constantly work to craft the message that tells the story and more importantly… we track the results!


Ideal Garage Solutions

Design Services | Digital Strategy | Full Service Agency | Google Ads Management

Award Winning Garage Transformation Specialists

From floor to ceiling, they make your garage IDEAL!  And trust us when we say the are the IDEAL partner!

As a full service collaborator with the Ideal Garage Solutions Team, we continue to focus efforts on TARGETING the right audience, TELLING their unique story and TRACKING the success.  The TAT2 crew is proud to be involved in all aspects of the marketing message.  The brand has come to life with a new tag line – “Your garage isn’t great, until it’s IDEAL” and a refreshed image on sales collateral, signage, print marketing and more.   As 2020 unfolds, you will see their reach grow through a new television campaign, increased presence at trade shows and aggressive “on the streets” marketing.


Brown Financial Advisors

Design Services | Digital Strategy | Media Buying | Media Planning | Website Development

Brown Financial Advisors work for clients… not companies.

We all work to live.  We don’t live to work.  And we love working with the team at Brown Financial.  This partnership is the quintessential definition of “return on investment”.   By collaborating with the team, we have rebuilt a website that is truly indicative of the regal brand they represent.  We are involved in all lead generation aspects of the business.  From seminars, to Google Ads to traditional media and more, we are helping Brown Financial “Make their Mark” by targeting, telling and tracking the right story.


Cincinnati Tax Resolution

Design Services | Full Service Agency | Google Ads Management | Logo Design | Media Buying | Media Planning | Website Development

When the IRS comes a knockin’… Let them answer the door.

The partnership with Toph Sheldon and Cincinnati Tax Resolution has been a blast from day one.  Despite the fact that we talk about tax law and the IRS when we’re together, building the brand from the ground up has been a ton of fun.  TAT2 serves as a full service agency for the Cincinnati Tax Resolution brand and the complementing companies.  From design ideation and implementation to execution of a lead-generation marketig campaign, the brand is growing and we love that we have a front row seat!


Gateway Logistics Inc.

Logo Design | Rebranding

A logistics company that takes everything to the Next Level.  

The TAT2 crew was brought on board to Create a brand that represents the unique team and “takes it to the next level.” Through competitive research, color analysis, spending time with the team and a comprehensive understanding of the company mission, history and trajectory… “trendalism” was born. The new logo eloquently combines traditionalism and trend. It shows direction, collaboration and “next level” thinking while embracing the synergy of their staff.


Oasis Event & Conference Center / Golf Club

Design Services | Full Service Agency | Google Ads Management | Social Media Management

Absolutely.  They do it ALL… for YOU!

From corporate team building sessions to charity fundraisers to golf outings and one-of-a-kind weddings, the OASIS team does to it all!  And we are stoked to be invited to each and every party as their full service agency!  Our partnership began as their digital arm, focusing on Google Ads and overall SEO.  Since then, it has evolved to include full service digital strategy and implementation, social media, blog writing, design and website maintenance.

Let’s face it… with a landscape like theirs, a team that comes to every meeting with a smile and amazing cuisine… we luck out at our monthly meetings!



Design Services | Digital Strategy | Full Service Agency

Rent smarter at RENTMART in four markets – Hamilton, Middletown, Louisville, Lexington

Our team is thrilled to have partnered with the folks at RENTMART since the first day of TAT2.  From digital strategy to creative implementation we have watched the brand grow in each of their markets.  With an annual strategy and nimble in-month adjustments, the substantive marketing talks prove to be invigorating and productive.

The collaborative relationship between our teams is a blast and our join “hands on” approach continues to yield profitable results, great conversations and endless opportunities.


Aquarium Artisans

Design Services | Digital Strategy | Google Ads Management

Upscale Aquatic Design & Retail Studio – Residential & Commercial

Aquarium Artisans’ specialty is professional design, installation and maintenance of custom aquariums. Their team uses over fifty years experience to create works of art using mother nature’s canvas.  TAT2 is proud to join their team while focusing on increasing their overall awareness and brand recognition as the region’s elite provider.

As the Agency of Record, the scope of services include digital strategy creation and implementation, direct mail & print efforts, trade show promotions and paid social media execution.


Air Plus Heating & Cooling

Design Services | Digital Strategy | Google Ads Management | Media Buying | Media Planning

Let them be your PLUS One.  Not only are they our client.  We’re theirs.

As a homeowner, there are so many options within this industry and our approach with their marketing strategy embraces that. We focus on what makes them different.  Through an immense amount of competitive research and discussion, we established a cohesive strategy that includes grass roots efforts with their techs, digital footprint alignment, creative messaging and seasonal awareness.


Wingstop Cincinnati

Community Outreach | Design Services | Franchisee Marketing | Media Buying | Media Planning | Public Relations

Fresh, made to order Wings.  And Fries.  And Corn.  And Ranch. (Did we mention the Ranch?!)

Everyone knows it is best to “Make Your Mark” on a full stomach and the TAT2 crew knows the best way to have a full stomach is some Louisiana Rub wings with Voodoo Fries and Ranch.

As the local marketing arm for Wingstop Cincinnati, the TAT2 crew helps craft the local marketing message while partnering with Wingstop Corporate out of Dallas, TX.  This yummy partnership (see what we did there?!) has afforded our team a wonderful opportunity to work hand in hand with a global marketing team while making the messaging actionable at a local level.  We know what you are thinking and the answer is… NO they don’t pay us in chicken wings, although we did suggest it!


Uptown Art – Cincinnati

Digital Strategy | Google Ads Management | Marketing Consultation | Public Relations

Meet.  Drink.  And Paint Happy.

Creativity.  Collaboration.  Beer.  Yup.  This is our happy place.  We love working with Uptown Art on digital components and grass roots efforts within the community.


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